Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall are the co-hosts of Out There Radio, a 50-episode podcast of interviews and discussions covering topics related to the occult, conspiracy theory, the counterculture, and hidden history. Raymond and Joe have been creating podcasts since 2005, having started Out There Radio shortly after they met and realized their shared interest in fringe topics.

Raymond Wiley received his undergraduate degree in history from the University of Georgia in 2008. From 2005 to 2008, he worked at WUOG 90.5 FM, the university’s 26,000 watt FM radio station, gaining experience first as a talk show host, producer, and DJ. Later he had the honor of serving as the station’s public affairs director and finally as its general manager. When he’s not producing the Disinformation Podcasts or appearing as a guest on other shows to talk about occult and conspiracy related topics, he serves as promotions director for the Disinformation Company. His interest in the occult, religion, hidden history, and conspiracy goes back more than two decades.

Joe McFall

Joe McFall received his undergraduate degree in Linguistic Anthropology from Emory University in 1998, and went on to receive two Masters degrees, in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, from the University of Georgia in 2005 and 2007. He holds a lifetime interest in culture and counterculture, fringe science, the paranormal, alternate history and conspiracy theory. He works as a software developer and lives in Atlanta, GA.

Guest Appearance Archive

Here’s a list of links to episodes of different podcasts that we have appeared on as guests. I’ll try to keep this list updated as time goes on.

11/28/2009 – Spooky Southcoast – “Raymond Wiley”

After some general discussion in the first hour, including talk about whether or not sabotage from the future shut down the large Hadron collider, we’re joined by Raymond Wiley of The Disinformation Company to talk conspiracy theories and the Georgia Guidestones.

8/31/2009 – Eerie Radio – “Georgia Guidestones and the New World Order”

In this episode we speak with Raymond Wiley about the Georgia Guidestones. We also respond to the attack from Chip Coffey and his supporters. Thanks to our listeners for sticking up for us.

2/12/2009 – Right Where You are Sitting Now – “That 2012 Thing”

This week we talk to upcoming author and editor of 2012 Rising Bruce Fenton. In this, the first of Season 2 of the show, we rush head-long into the popular topic of the 2012 mythos! In this episode we discuss the Mayan calender, alternative cultures and their connections to the 2012 Mythos, Rainbow Warriors and the plethora of competing theories in the field.

Joining me on the newly refurbished SittingNow virtual coach is our buddy from the states Raymond Wiley, who you can of course check out on his new show Disinformation the Podcast. We have a big announcement in this show, so be sure to listen out for that. We also revisit the topic of the end (or perhaps new beginning?) of neo-paganism, and the crazy synchronicities that that have popped up since our last episode.

1/6/2009 – Right Where You are Sitting Now – “Obama, Anonymous, and the state of Neo-Paganism”

This week we mark the end of our holiday break by discussing some of our ‘favorite bits’ of 2008. Topics covered in this show include Anonymous, The end of Neo-Paganism as we know it?, Patriots and the Georgia Guidestones and of course Obama (or in this case OBAWWWWMA).

Joining me for this episodes banter is Sir Raymond Wiley and Lord Austin Gandy from ye olde Out There Radio and the all new Disinformation The Podcast.

9/17/2008 – Right Where You are Sitting Now – “Conspiracy 101″

This week me and our returning guest/co-host Raymond Wiley chat about The culture of Conspiracy belief! We decided the subject was so large that we would wax about some of our own experiences, some key theories and funny ones to boot!

7/6/2008 – Right Where You are Sitting Now – “Taming Wolfie with Jon Ronson”

This week we chat to one of our journalistic heroes, Jon Ronson, about: conspiracy theorists, 9/11 truthers, MI5 agents becoming the son of God and just why people believe silly things. We also witness Jon attempting to train his dog Wolfie (or is it Woofy…i’m worried I have his name wrong now), which only furthers my belief that people really don’t realise how much of a pain in the ass dogs actually are!…i’m a cat person. (Editor: DAMN! It is ‘Woofy’)

Joining me this week to grill our guest is our re-occuring charecter, Raymond Wiley! For those studious listeners out there (no pun intended), Raymond appeared as our guest on episodes 1 and 6, and like me, is a big jon Ronson fan!

6/1/2008 – Right Where You are Sitting Now – “Occult 101 with Raymond Wiley”

In this weeks episode we go deep into the roots of the Western Esoteric Tradition with our returning guest Raymond Wiley. Raymond is the former host of the amazing Out There Radio, and has recently graduated University with a BA in History where he specialized in the scholarly study of the Western Occultism. Raymond has a wealth of knowledge in the area we are discussing today, and presents it in his usual fun and highly interesting way.

4/24/2008 – Right Where You are Sitting Now – “Podcasting”

AT LAST!! The pilot episode of RWYASN is here! In this weeks episode I am joined by Paul Banica as we take a look at the crazy world of podcasting. First up we talk to the mighty Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall of Out There Radio, these guys are the kings of the strange in podcasting-land, and provide a really cool interview for your enjoyment! We then point our microphones to Texas and Florida for a really cool chat with John Pavlich and Scott Carrelli from Geek Show.us, and discuss the many and varied projects they are involved in, and talk about how podcasting has changed their lives.

9/9/2007 – The Invisible Web – “My Trip Out There with Raymond Wiley” (part 1)

Pagan Pride Month begins. Today we go Out There with Raymond Wiley, co-host with Joe McFall of the seminal podcast of that name, Out There! We discuss his five favorite occult books. Life in Georgia. Life as an Evangelistic Christian in Georgia. How his Christian roots led him to the Occult. And we conclude this part of the interview with his and Joe’s interview with the Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius! Part two debuts later as Episode 6.

9/9/2007 – The Invisible Web – “My Trip Out There with Raymond Wiley” (part 2)

Pagan Pride Month continues. In part two of the interview with Raymond Wiley I make an ass of myself more than twice. I play Cut-Up with the Intro. We discuss Nazi Occultism. Julius Evola and Guido von List (these guys need to Wikied to be believed). Where do Nietzsche and Himmler’s Secret King fit in. 9-11 Theories. His favorite moments at Out There and the future of the show.

8/27/2007 – Eerie Radio – “Scratching the Surface of the Occult”

In this episode we speak to Raymond Wiley about his radio program, Out There Radio, and occultism.

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Press Archive

“April and the ATF” – Flagpole Magazine – 4/26/2006
Turning Campus Radio on Its Head – Chronicle of Higher Education – 3/31/2006
Podcasting for the little guy – The Seattle Times – 1/30/2006